Who is Pam Beasley?

March 22, 2013 — 1 Comment

I dig virtual services. It makes sense with our law firm model. Our firm works with Interactive Assistants and Ruby Receptionists for outsourcing virtual assistant and receptionist services. For the past several months, I also have been using a service called Fancy Hands.

I had a fun experience today with Ruby and Fancy Hands.

Fancy Hands randomly assigns project requests to different virtual assistants on their team. I have used them for things like Internet research, scheduling oil changes, finding restaurants, and the like.

Yesterday, they rolled out a new feature called Personal Touch. You can pick one name for the entire team of assistants:

All of your Fancy Hands assistants will now email third parties from the email address that you dedicate for them, and they will all answer to the name you’ve given them.

Per the encouragement to pick a fun name for “your” assistant, I chose Pam Beasley (you know, close to the maiden name of this fine character). I was entertained with my choice.

Time to give it a test drive.

I had been playing phone tag with a vendor rep on setting up a meeting. I sent this person an email indicating the dates I am available and said “I am copying my assistant, Pam, on this email to finish the scheduling process.” This threw the email into the Fancy Hands system.

Fancy Hands (or Pam Beasley) emailed the rep to follow up. Instead of just returning the email and making things simple, the rep called our office number and asked to speak with Pam Beasley to schedule a meeting with me.

Enter Ruby Receptionists. The Ruby team member who fielded the call looked at our team roster and did not see a Pam Beasley. She relayed that to the vendor rep and took a message.

A little while later, I received an email from Ruby noting that it sounds like we have a new employee and wondered whether we would like to set up Pam Beasley in our account. Oh the hilarity.

I talked with Macie at Ruby and explained to her the chain of events. We laughed. A lot.

Pam isn’t real. Or is she?

Well, now if you call our firm and ask for Pam Beasley, Ruby is on it. They will take a message for her. Accordingly, please join me in welcoming the first fake member of our team!

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